Koskela chats with Ghost Patrol

Koskela chats with Ghost Patrol

As Ghostpatrol’s exhibition, “Horse Sword” is on only a few more weeks, we wanted to catch up with him to ask him some questions about his work, his method and specifically his show here at Koskela that we’re so thrilled to have been able to host in our gallery. Koskela-Exhibitions-Ghostpatrol-2014-58Koskela-Exhibitions-Ghostpatrol-2014-31
Koskela: How did you approach working in the gallery here at Koskela? 

Gp: “This year I decided o take a year away from exhibiting in galleries, and spend more time in my studio experimenting and playing.  ‘Horse Sword’ is a collection of new experiments and results of playing.”

K: You painted a large scale mural here on our gallery wall. We love it and have grown quite attached and don’t want to paint over it, but the nature of your work is that it is temporary! How do you feel about working in spaces and on surfaces that won’t last for too long?  

Gp: “Over the past 10 years I ‘ve painted many murals (inside and outside) I love painting on large scale and transforming spaces, working with the shapes and surfaces that tell me what to paint. I like that it’s temporary. The wall in the gallery is a free flowing mind dump of drawings.

I like that it won’t be there for very long – it some how makes it more special”


K: How have these collaborations come about, with Pop and Scott and Tailfeather? Is this a new way of working for you?

Gp: Collaboration has always been a big part of my practice. I thought this was  a good opportunity to share some projects that I’d been thinking about for a while.  I like to collaborate with friends – to learn new things and combine skills to create something new. Koskela-Exhibitions-Ghostpatrol-2014-32

K: This exhibition reveals some of your recent studio experiments. Where do you think you’ll take this work after the exhibition? Will you continue to work on one particular series of work that we have seen on display? 

Gp: I think that will take me a long time to work out, the remainder of the year will be spent in Europe and Japan working in a new studio – so I’ll be starting on a totally new body of work – I’ll see what happens.  Presenting a new collection of ideas helps me draw a line under what I’ve been doing – so that I can reflect and move forward to bigger and better things

K:  You work on a number of projects nationally and internationally – what is next for Ghostpatrol, and what is on your wish list?

Gp: I’ll spend the 2nd half of the year in a new space in Tokyo, working on a film project with some great people in the Northern Territory and painting a second wind turbine in Hepburn – leading up to larger solo show next year with Hugo Michell Gallery.

Don’t miss your chance to your fill of Ghostpatrol’s amazing mural, small sculptures, frisbees, patches, photos, drawings and more. Horse Sword” is in the Koskela Gallery until July 6, 2014.

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