Loom Rugs

Loom Rugs

koskela_Mika Table quadrant soft and Bamboo ClocheWith every table, sofa, bed, or custom fit-out we design, we imagine a beautiful rug being added to complete the setting. Koskela has been the Sydney stockist for Loom rugs for a few years because the quality, range and colour stories that Loom has to offer is the perfect match to our furniture collection.

There are several different weaves available: Kilim, Old Yarn, Dhoku and Vintage Rugs.

Modern Rugs

A Kilim is a flat woven rug without knots and therefore without pile. Different weaving techniques will produce slightly different styles.


Old Yarn
Old Yarn rugs and kilims have been hand woven from recycled yarn unraveled from vintage kilims. The yarn may be comprised of wool, goat hair, hemp, cotton or angora, and has a softness of colour and variation of tone that can only be achieved with age. This process is intricate and painstaking, but the end result is an exquisite, highly individual piece that will stand the test of time.


Dhoku rugs are hand woven from organic wool using a kilim technique. Typically the wool is left undyed and has not been overly processed, creating a natural finish with imperfections and an appealing texture.

Vintage rugs


Vintage Rugs
Vintage Rugs have several origins and therefore can very greatly in style, colour and technique. Each of these rugs, however, are unique in pattern, often boasting a perfectly imperfect pattern or colour. The fibers are settled into the design on a vintage rug and they often are soft and broken in. Because they were woven durin a time that synthetic fibers were less prevalent, the quality  wools and yarns ensure that they will still last a long time.


Loom History

Doan Bilgis, the founder of Loom rugs, first moved to Australia in 2004 from Turkey and says he feels most  at home in Melbourne. He opened Loom in November 2006 after seeing an opportunity to introduce some different rugs to the market – rugs he had always loved and didn’t really see in Australia. Doan’s family in Turkey have a nomadic background, and rugs are very much part of their culture. As a child, he grew up surrounded by weavers and looms and this was where his fascination and love for rugs was born.  Eventually Doan started his own business working with international designers, architects and antique rug dealers in Istanbul. We are so thrilled to be stocking Doan’s rugs at Koskela.

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If you’re looking for a rug for a particular room or project, our retail team would love to assist in finding the perfect floor piece. // 02 9280 0999

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