Malcolm Greenwood

Malcolm Greenwood

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We’ve been lucky enough to work with Malcolm Greenwood for the last 3 years. He is one of Australia’s leading master potters, living and working in the Northern suburbs of Sydney.

He’s had an interesting journey to his life as a potter, which started when he was working with clay while studying for a degree in Business Administration at the University of Massachusetts in 1976.  After moving to Boston, he began studying various Japanese pottery techniques with visiting Japanese potter, Makoto Yabe, which is evidenced in much of his work today. Malcolm also lived in Nigeria (1978 to 1979) where he built a wood-fired kiln, producing pots using local materials.  Malcolm returned to Australia in 1980, working in clay on a part-time basis until 1989, when he left the corporate world and began a career following his passion as a full-time potter.

For the years since then, Malcolm has somehow managed to navigate the world of an artisan while still being able to output work at commercial quantities, perhaps due to Malcolm’s years of working in the corporate world. Even though he’s able to produce work for restaurants and hotels,everything he does is still handmade and evidences the process and the hands of its maker

Visiting Malcolm’s studio, which overlooks his backyard in a very unexpected suburb in Sydney is always so magical. Unearthing hidden treasures and seeing his latest work is always inspiring. A cup of tea in one of his handmade teapots (which pour perfectly) and drunk from one of his beakers is a moment we treasure while we share ideas and flesh out details of whatever project we’re working on together.

Throughout the last few years of our visits, he’s lent his genius to our K | Limited “Shino” collaboration, and White Series ranges of tableware and we’re so excited to be sharing the outcome of our most recent visits to his studio.

A beautiful new range of Licht pendant lights in three beautiful textural finishes and two sizes shows off Malcolm’s incredible mastery of craft, and adds gorgeous texture and warmth to any space.

Our Ceramic Licht series is available in OutbackCement and Sand and all are finished with a white gloss slip to the interior to reflect the light. Available now in the showroom, and coming soon to the online store.

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