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When a new collection arrives from a well-known ceramicist it usually flies out the door. That is why we are creating Clay Club. Sign up to the Koskela Community newsletter to get exclusive first dibs to shop ceramics from these talented Aussie makers:



How it works

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  • If you purchase one of the ceramics during the clay club promo we will include a Koskela tote bag valued at $25 with your order.

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Despite our Finnish name, Koskela is proudly Australian owned, designed and made. The store in Rosebery is filled with our furniture, and we also stock products from like-minded brands who put an emphasis on craftsmanship.

Handmade ceramics are a firm favourite of ours, and we know you love them too! Over the years we have built relationships with the above-mentioned amazing Aussie ceramicists.

The work of a ceramicist is slow because every piece is made by hand. Pieces need to be fired, glazed, and fired again. So it takes time to make a collection of 30 or more pieces, and that is why we usually only receive one drop annually.

So make sure you sign up to the Koskela community newsletter to get exclusive first dibs to shop ceramics from these talented makers.

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