Denim Beanbag

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Designed by Koskela this denim beanbag is a sophisticated take on the tired old traditional styles. Available in fives shades of denim, it is beautifully finished with stitching detail, a quality industrial zip and a Koskela embossed leather tag. It includes a detachable inner lining to hold beans in place.

Beanbags are a great seating option as they are relaxed, comfortable and casual which suits a lot of our home environments and how people like to live these days. They are the perfect shape for sitting in to read a book or watch a movie.

Starting price

1500L x 1000W (approx) - $590


Upholstered Bean Bag with an industrial zip and leather tag embossed with the Koskela logo. Comes with a seperate cotton lining filled with beans.


Fabric upholstery

  • Green Nomad fabric, Grey Nomad fabric

  • 5 denim colours available

    • Light Denim

    • Mid Denim

    • Dark Denim

    • Black Denim Acid Wash

    • Black Denim Stone Wash

Leather upholstery

  • Onyx, Baltic, Sable, Brunswick, Tan, Cement, Sage, Ivory

Our Bean Bags can be upholstered in most commercial grade fabrics. The price of the fabric or leather will determine the final price of the Bean Bag.