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With a new exhibition every month, our gallery space is a spotlight for Australian artists working across a range of media and styles. From sculpture to photography, screenprinting to oil painting, we celebrate the variety and creativity of our homegrown art scene. If you’re interested in exhibiting at Koskela contact

Current Exhibition



12 selected artists

November 12 - December 24, 2016

Twelve is the Koskela gallery’s annual group show, with 12 selected artists hung in a salon-style exhibition, reflecting a range of emerging, as-yet-unrepresented contemporary artists from around Australia.

This year the selection happened to be all women artists, and (almost) all painters. The cues were ‘colour and intimacy’ - not necessarily indicative of still life or interiors, but rather notions of vibrancy and proximity, and an enveloping of the viewer. Many of the works reflect the post impressionist Nabis belief in intense, unmediated colour and the 'intimist’ style of surface texture.

Subject and object, landscape and line, abstraction and the figure all feature, tackled in different ways by very different artists.

Selected artists include: Gunjan Aylawadi, Elizabeth Barnett, Emily Besser, Fiona Chandler, Margaret Kemarre Ross, Emma Lipscombe, Wendy Mcdonald, Sylvia McEwan, Elyss McCleary, Michele Morcos, Mignon Steele, Melanie Waugh.