Hoodie Desktop


The Hoodie ™ is designed to block out distracting noise and visual stimulus in busy workspaces and educational environments. It’s the perfect solution when you need to get some productive work done.


IDEA Award Object - Winner (Furniture & Lighting) 2013

  • Material

    • EO MDF frame

    • Fabric

  • Finishes

    • Hoodie - upholstered in various fabrics

  • Additional Options

    • With or without roof

    • 1000 or 1200 wide

    • Shelf with optional LED lighting

  • Dimensions

    • Hoodie Desktop

      • Medium 1000W x 725D x 710H

      • Large 1200W x 725D x 710H

    • Hoodie Desktop No Roof

      • Medium 1000W x 725D x 600H

      • Large 1200W x 725D x 600H