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Gunjan Aylawadi exhibition at the Koskela Gallery

Inspired by the geometry, architecture and arabesque patterns in temples, churches, mosques that she grew up around, these works are an invitation to viewers to pause, observe, contemplate and rest. 

The Bower Electronic Repair Cafe Workshop

Bring in your small electrical item - from lamps to stereo equipment, vintage desk fans and radios to remote control cars - and learn the art of repair and reuse. 

Stop the search, we've found your dream job!

Looking to exit the rat-race? Dreaming of a job that gives back to the community and one where you genuinely look forward to coming to work everyday? Then this is for you! We’re very excited to share that Koskela is growing and so is our need to add new exceptional people to the Koskela Family.


Ready-to-ship items!

Koskela now has a range of furniture products that are ready-to-ship!
There’s a selection of products included from stools to lights and they’re all available online or you can order through one of our Workplace team members. Happy shopping!

Introducing Koskela Imperfects

There are our pieces which are less perfect than usual Koskela items - they might be a sample, prototype, or could be ex-floor stock or a factory second. They're waiting for you to rescue them from recycling or landfill and welcome them into your home or office.