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Genevieve Griffiths at the Koskela Gallery

A series of original watercolour tapestry studies will be exhibited at the Koskela Gallery alongside 5 new weavings, giving an insight into the intricacy and complexity of Griffiths's woven imagery.

The Bower Electronic Repair Cafe Workshop

Bring in your small electrical item - from lamps to stereo equipment, vintage desk fans and radios to remote control cars - and learn the art of repair and reuse. 

Stop the search, we've found your dream job!

Looking to exit the rat-race? Dreaming of a job that gives back to the community and one where you genuinely look forward to coming to work everyday? Then this is for you! We’re very excited to share that Koskela is growing and so is our need to add three new exceptional people to the Koskela Family.