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Jasmine Mansbridge at the Koskela Gallery

Jasmine explores rural architectural forms and geometric imaginings in her kaleidoscopic acrylic paintings; the works are as much about the ritual and labour of painting, and the intentions and musings that are imbued in her brushstrokes. 

Phyllis Stewart & Steve Russell Aboriginal Weaving Workshop

Learn to weave traditional Aboriginal forms with natural grasses such as lomandra and sedge with master weavers Phyllis Stewart and Steven Russell. Using a range of materials and techniques, Phyllis and Steven will teach you how to make functional and decorative, sculptural woven forms. 

Stop the search, we've found your dream job!

Looking to exit the rat-race? Dreaming of a job that gives back to the community and one where you genuinely look forward to coming to work everyday? Then this is for you! We’re very excited to share that Koskela is growing and so is our need to add three new exceptional people to the Koskela Family.