Flower Face
Lucinda Chambers


11 May - 9 June, 2019


The Koskela Gallery is pleased to present Flower Face – a new series of botanical paintings by Lucinda Chambers.

Lucinda’s gardens are ephemeral, at once blooming and decaying. Her application of paint evokes the transience of the natural world; the lightest of daubs, the gentlest washes of pigment and petal-like appliques. Hidden faces and figures populate the flora, imagined and real, fusing the botanical and whimsical. Influenced by antique samplers, miniatures, 17th century stumpwork tapestries and paintings of the Victorian era, Chambers approach to texture and colour evokes antique engraved copper plate prints and a hand-coloured tinting process.

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My work may be seen as a momento mori, magically coloured in high contrast Australian light. I allow materials to express themselves, to be natural – the impression of a loaded brush on a surface and a wisp of watercolour; the way the pigment divides in water. Ancient stories of gods, pan, flora, fairy tales, images by Maurice Sendak and William Blake swirl in my mind, all of this with the sad stories on the radio that come into the studio.

Lucinda Chambers’ paintings invite us to lie in these gardens and contemplate the beauty and impermanence of life and the natural world.

Lucinda Chambers grew up next to the bush in Sydney. Her work is focussed on the human relationship with nature and plants. Her work often features minute detail, designed to draw the viewer in close, with a strategy to engage the Viewer. Her studio is above a garage, looking down into pocket-sized gardens. She dreams of a garden in the country with a big tin shed for a studio.

Lucinda has a Master of Fine Arts (UNSW), and has been a finalist twice in the Sulman Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Redlands Art Prize and Salon de Refuses, SH Ervin Gallery.

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