NAIDOC Week 2019


Koskela’s recommendations for getting involved!

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Kids’ Books

  • Ask Elle what additonal books we stock that we can include and link to them.

Adults Books

Reading is a wonderful way to continue your learning journey and learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, culture and our shared history.

This list below will share great articles, award-winning literature, reports and information sheets to get you on your way!

  • Indigenous Protected Areas in Australia, paper by Michael Dodson

  • Pitjantjatjara Language and Culture - online learning

  • Charles Darwin University, Yolnu Studies

  • Indigenous Participation in Parliament - Five Fast Facts

  • Social Justice Reports

  • CAEPR - The Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research

  • Bringing Them Home - The ‘Stolen Children’ Report, (1997)

  • The National Native Title Tribunal

  • The Norther Land Council

  • Creating the right Incentives - Dr Ken Henry

  • Reconciliation Australia & CAEPR - Hunt, J. & Smith, D

  • “Little Children are Sacred” Report - Ampe Akelyernemane Meke Mekarle

  • Aboriginal Child Health Survey 2006 - The Telethon Institute for Child Health Research


The best way to brush-up can be during your morning commute! At Koskela we love listening to a good Podcast and the below are our favourites to make you more informed and further your knowledge about Australia’s history and our rich Indigenous culture.

Race Matters

ABC Radio


SBS News

Pretty for an Aboriginal



Storytelling is an important aspect of passing knowledge from one generation to another. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have long used storytelling to share their culture and many great stories have been captured on the big and small screen.

The below list of movies, short stories and documentaries has been compiled by Reconciliation Australia, a must for every Australian that will both entertain and educate.

(Great list with images for all the films below)

  • The Tall Man (Drama)

  • The Sapphires (Comdedy)

  • Mad Bastards (Drama)

  • Toomelah (Drama)

  • Redfern Now (Drama - mini-series)

  • Sharpeye (Drama)

  • Stolen Generations (Documentary)

  • The Djarn Djarns (Drama)

  • The Turtle (Drama)

  • Too Late (Drama)

  • Samson and Delilah (Drama)

  • Two Big Boys (Drama)

  • Vote Yes for Aborigines (Documentary)

  • Wind (Drama)

  • Yellow Fella (Documentary)

  • A Dying Shame (Documentary)

  • Aboriginal Rules (Drama)

  • Babakiueria (Comedy)

  • Backroads (Drama)

  • Benny and The Dreamers (Documentary)

  • Liyarn Ngarn (Documentary)

  • Beyond The Dreamtime (Documentary)

  • Black and White (Drama)

  • Blackfellas (Drama)

  • Bush Mechanics (Comedy)

  • Coolbaroo Club (Documentary)

  • Ded Heart (Drama)

  • Deadly (Drama)

  • Jedda (Drama)

  • Kanyini (Documentary)

  • Rabbit Proof Fence (Drama)

  • September (Drama)

  • Ten Canoes (Drama)

  • The Fringe Dwellers (Drama)

  • The Tracker (Documentary)

  • Walkabout (Drama)

  • Yolngu Boy (drama)

  • Beneath Clouds (Drama)

  • Bit of Black Business (Documentary)

  • Black Chicks Talking (Documentary)

  • My Brother Vinnie (Documentary)

  • Bran Nue Dae (Entertainment)

  • Top End Wedding (Entertainment)

  • Jasper Jones (Drama)