Stirrup Outdoor Bench


We shrunk the Stirrup table to make a bench seat with the same components – two steel stirrups for the base and a seat with chamfered corner details.

The equestrian-inspired design is the work of Koskela co-founder Russel, who was reflecting on his childhood in the country and riding his beloved pony, JayJay.

Available for outdoors only, the stirrup base can be powder-coated in a range of stylish colours and the seat is solid Spotted Gum slats.

See also Stirrup Outdoor Table

  • Material

    • Top with chamfered corners

      • Slatted solid spotted gum in outdoor timber seal with metal edge to match base

    • Base

      • Powdercoat options:

        • Black, White

        • Koskela Classic Colours: Oyster Grey, Terracotta, Petrol Green

        • Koskela Bright Colours: Fluoro Red, Fluoro Yellow, Fluoro Pink

        • Koskela Spring Colours: Aqua, Green, Orange, Yellow

  • Dimensions

    • 3 seater 2100L x 433W x 440H