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It’s no secret that we are leading busier lives and living in smaller spaces which makes the need for a venue where you can get your hands dirty, make a mess and create something even more important. Koskela workshops are run by a range of masters in their craft and cover everything from weaving to kids workshops.


Aboriginal Weaving with Phyllis Stewart and Steven Russell

Saturday August 19, 10am - 12.30pm
Saturday August 19, 1pm - 3.30pm

Learn to weave traditional Aboriginal forms with natural grasses such as lomandra and sedge with master weavers Phyllis Stewart and Steven Russell. Using a range of materials and techniques, Phyllis and Steven will teach you how to make functional and decorative, sculptural woven forms. 

Make a Spoon from a Tree

Saturday October 14, 10.00am - 3.00pm

Join professional Spoonsmith, Jeff Donne, for a hands-on day of carving your own wooden spoon using a small axe, some specialised carving knives and your hands. Carve a spoon straight from a tree using traditional skills and experience the blissful feeling of whittling away the hours at an unhurried pace. 

Learn about sourcing sustainable materials, the basics of spoon design and how to safely turn a log into your favourite wooden spoon. No experience is needed and all tools, materials and a leather apron are provided. All you need to bring is you, a pair of closed top shoes and a willingness to whittle. Take home what you make!