It’s no secret that we are leading busier lives and living in smaller spaces which makes the need for a venue where you can get your hands dirty, make a mess and create something even more important. Koskela workshops are run by a range of masters in their craft and cover everything from weaving to kids workshops.


The Bower Electronic Repair Cafe Workshop

Sunday July 23, 10.30am - 12.30pm

Koskela is pleased to host The Bower's Repair Cafe for small electricals! As part of our continuing commitment to community and sustainability. 

Bring in your small electrical item - from lamps to stereo equipment, vintage desk fans and radios to remote control cars - and learn the art of repair and reuse. 

The Bower experts will take time to explain the repair process to every participant, helping them to learn new skills. Sometimes a simple re-soldering of a join or replacing a dodgy plug is all that’s needed to get those electrical goods working again. If the item can't be fixed, we can safely recycle it through e-waste collections.