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Featured Product

Yuṯa Baḏayala

Discover the story of the Indigenous weavers, our collaboration, and the beautiful lampshades which have been nominated for a Rigg Design Prize.

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Silver Ring Making Workshop

Featured Workshop

Silver Ring Making Workshop

Learn how to make silver rings using the Lost-Wax method of carving wax. The workshop is a total of 8 hours, split into two 4-hour sessions across two weeks. There are no additional costs, you don’t need any prior knowledge. Just bring your good energy and curiosity.

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Featured Exhibition

Numerical Street

“Numerical Street” is launching their new book and exhibition at Koskela! Published by New South Books, Numerical Street has all the charm and quirk of Alphabetical Sydney, but the creators’ second book takes the form of a classic counting-book, celebrating the jostle and chaos of a busy shopping street.


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