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Father's Day

Reclaimed copper tubes turned into garden tools, Bacon kits to turn breakfast into a feast, books to inspire new ideas and dreams, great body products and bowties to keep him looking handsome, and essentials for beer drinking and music listening. There’s something for any dad in this list!

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Book Giveaway to support ALNF

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Book Giveaway to support ALNF

Koskela believes all people deserve to be able to read & write. We support the ANLF, the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, who help Indigenous Australians learn the essential skills of literacy, especially during ALNF’s annual Wall of Hands campaign!

Win 1 of 3 bundles of books while supporting Indigenous Literacy by donating in the showroom and Instagramming!
Get the full details, enter to win, and support ALNF with us.

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Featured Workshop

Coil Weaving with Michele Morcos

Get your weave on in this colourful class with Sydney artist Michele Morcos, a wonderful teacher and talented artist. Using recycled plastic bags, raffia, coloured wool, and fabric, you will learn some simple weaving techniques and use them to create a beautiful, textured woven bowl – perfect for jewellery or any place in your home that needs a colourful + textural touch.

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