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Twelve Exhibition

Twelve is the Koskela gallery’s annual group show, with 12 selected artists hung in a salon-style exhibition, reflecting a range of emerging, as-yet-unrepresented contemporary artists from around Australia. This year the selection happened to be all women artists, and (almost) all painters. The cues were ‘colour and intimacy’ - not necessarily indicative of still life or interiors, but rather notions of vibrancy and proximity, and an enveloping of the viewer. Many of the works reflect the post impressionist Nabis belief in intense, unmediated colour and the 'intimist’ style of surface texture. Subject and object, landscape and line, abstraction and the figure all feature, tackled in different ways by very different artists. Selected artists include: Gunjan Aylawadi, Elizabeth Barnett, Emily Besser, Fiona Chandler, Margaret Kemarre Ross, Emma Lipscombe, Wendy Mcdonald, Sylvia McEwan, Elyss McCleary, Michele Morcos, Mignon Steele, Melanie Waugh.

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Among the whisperings & the stars – Michele Morcos

Michele Morcos is a multimedia visual artist with a studio practice in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from UNSW Art & Design (Collage of Fine Arts) in 1999 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting/drawing) and a BA Honours in Art Theory. Michele has exhibited her work in seven solo exhibitions and over twenty group exhibitions throughout Australia. She has been selected twice as a finalist for The Brett Whiteley Art Scholarship and also for major prizes such as the Mosman Art Prize.
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Lisa Lapointe – Timelessness, 2016

Timelessness – meaning Eternity, showcases the new drawings by Sydney based pencil artist, Lisa Lapointe. The works are all large and each is like a doorway into its own universe. The key themes are love, nature, knowledge and wisdom which are all ageless, eternal and timeless in themselves. Lisa draws upon her own spiritual journey - the quest for understanding the human spirit. It is from this constant inquisitive open dialogue with nature and the cosmos, that these works are formed. Her unique pencil technique brings these works to life. They truly vibrate and illuminate with all the emotion in which they were created. Lisa Lapointe studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at CoFA, UNSW.
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Buku – Printmaking from Yirrkala

The Koskela Gallery is proud to present “Buku: printmaking from Yirrkala”, a rare Sydney exhibition of prints from North Eastern Arnhem Land, shining a spotlight on Indigenous art created at Aboriginal owned and governed community art centers. The exhibition is part of the Buku Larrnggay Mulka centre in Yirrkala, North Eastern Arnhem Land. Timed to coincide with the Garma Festival and the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair. The show highlights the rich, diverse art scene of the top end, and the dynamic state of Indigenous printmaking.
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Jennifer Tyers – New Works

Jennifer Tyers' immersive watercolours capture the complexity of the botanical world, from Borneo to Dimboola. The Koskela Gallery is pleased to present Jennifer's first solo show in Sydney - a series of new paintings and etchings. Jennifer Tyers trained at the Tasmanian School of Art, and worked as an illustrator before holding her first solo exhibition in 2008. Her paintings play with perspectives, layering planes upon plants and illustrating the proximity and tactility of jungle and forest landscapes.
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Mark Alsweiler “Port of Call”

Mild Manners and Koskela present "Port of Call" New work by Mark Alsweiler Koskela are partnering with Mild Manners gallery this month to present recent work by NZ-born, Sydney-based artist Mark Alsweiler. Mark's hand-carved cast of figures will grace our 15m gallery wall, forming a line up of human character and creativity. Surry Hills gallery Mild Manners showcases alternative contemporary art from the fringes, where artists and the work they produce often sits comfortably in the space between high and low culture groups.
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Fred Fowler “Invaded Landscapes”

This series of paintings playfully investigates the impact of colonisation on the Australian landscape and its peoples. Symbols of native and invasive flora and fauna function as the main signifiers within the work. By building up layers of colour and texture, layers of meaning evolve as well, creating a visual ’wall of colour’. The semi abstract and ambiguous nature of the paintings are deliberately left open to different interpretations by the viewer. "By looking at the land from various visual perspectives, I’ve attempted to capture some of the vastness and complexities that make this continent and its cultures so unique." - Fred Fowler Opening Celebration March 12; 2:00 - 3:30, Free Meet the artist + Bubbles and Nibbles
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For the first show of the New Year Koskela Gallery presents, the HOUSE OF NOMAD exhibition - An epic photographic journey and collaboration by MILAM Projects and award winning Melbourne photographer Simon O’Dwyer.
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Antonia Pesenti – “Numerical Street”

Koskela will be launching Antonia Pesenti and Hilary Bell’s new book, the much-anticipated follow up to Alphabetical Sydney. Antonia’s distinctly graphic, whimsical prints from the new book will also be exhibited - we can promise they’ll be just as engaging and nostalgic as those from Alphabetical Sydney!
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Tracey Deep, Shadow

Tracey Deep explores the spirit and power of shadow in this new suite of sculptural works, constructed from organic, foraged materials. Tracey is a floral sculptor and installation artist, and much loved Koskela collaborator.
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Jacky Field

Jacky Field works with hydra-stone and gouache to construct free-form wall assemblages. Pushing the boundary between two and three dimensions, the works reflect a minimal, yet playful, exploration of form and composition.
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Brooke Holm; “Arctic”

Brooke Holm is a commercial and art photographer based in Melbourne. She will be exhibiting a suite of her landscape photographs at Koskela, based on her recent trip to the Arctic Circle.
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New World: Textiles from New York / South Wales / Zealand

New World' brings together the fibre art of three Australian weavers: Maryanne Moodie, Natalie Miller and Genevieve Griffiths. Based in Brooklyn, NYC, Robertson, NSW, and Featherston, NZ, respectively, this show will present the dynamic, diverse forms of contemporary textiles. Join weaver Natalie Miller for a half hour talk on tapestry and macrame techniques, and her pieces in the exhibition. A chance to meet the artist, have a slice of cake and find out more about contemporary fibre craft. Saturday June 27th; 2 - 2.30pm
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Dion Horstmans, “Prismatic”

Dion Horstmans constructs abstract geometric wall sculptures from powder-coated steel. Originally from Wellington, NZ, and the Cook Islands, Dion spent 15 years working in the Sydney film industry in making props and models for movie sets, before becoming a full time artist. He is currently working with Melbourne architects Hassel and Sydney architects Bates Smart, on large public projects.
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Belynda Henry; “Higher”

Belynda Henry’s acrylic, abstract landscapes use Cezanne-like blocks of colour to construct the rolling forms of the Dooralong Valley, NSW – her home. She has been a finalist in the prestigious Wynne Prize for landscape twice, and held over 20 solo shows.
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Camille Walala

Camille will be adorning the walls of the Koskela gallery, as well as some special custom pieces of Koskela furniture. Watch this space! Camille Walala is a purveyor of powerfully positive digital print. A graduate in Textile Design from the University of Brighton, her namesake brand was established in East London in 2009, where she continues to live. Influences include the Memphis Movement, the Ndebele tribe and Optical Art master Vasarely alongside the simple desire to put a smile on people’s faces. Her signature Tribal POP style present a boundless energy that work perfectly for show-stopping and social spaces - “the bigger the better”.
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Rachel Castle – Garden

Rachel Castle continues her love for the floral motif with a new series of works, GARDEN. A collection of large and small paintings on linen, the GARDEN series combines a love for bold brush strokes built up over multiple layers, and serious, never-ending love for a punctuating spot. The new works will include bold painted and screen printed elements, and as always, explore the relationship between form and colour that we have come to associate with Castle’s painted works. Works on sale in store from 9:00am, Nov 22. Phone sales from 12:00pm, Nov 22.
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Studio Artes – Cushion Up

Get soft with the Studio ARTISTS at Koskela, and be the first to check out the collectives newest initiative - a range of hand painted, hand printed, stitched, dyed and heart-fully made soft sculptures and homewares! For the second consecutive year, the exhibition showcases original work made from unique fabric screenprinted by the Studio ARTIST crew in-house at Koskela.
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Rowena Martinich -Inamorata

Melbourne based artist Rowena Martinich presents a new series of paintings in her exhibition Inamorata. Inamorata will be an immersive experience where the viewer can witness the process of the artist; the way she moves around the canvas, builds up layers to create windows and depth through the field of painting. The expression and emotional investment in these works is evident in Martinich’s natural inclination towards colour.
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Compassionate Voices

Compassionate Voices is a unique exhibition celebrating animals, art and creativity. The exhibition is a collaboration between Voiceless, the animal protection institute, Koskela , and a collection of 31 innovative Australian artists and designers united by their vision of a world where animals are treated with compassion and respect.
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Tracey Deep – Spirit

Floral sculptor Tracey Deep returns to the Koskela gallery with her exhibition ’Spirit’ - an exploration of natural materials such as kelp, raffia, driftwood, and their transformation into large-scale sculptural forms. The ‘Spirit’ series focuses on Deep’s collection of materials and the process of binding and joining them to create highly textured pieces that play with light and shadow.
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