Quadrant Soft Sofa

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The Quadrant Soft is made from high density foam without a timber frame, to create a plush, light weight seat. Designed for flexibility, with the option of adding modules and mixing and matching fabrics. It’s the perfect range for casual office areas, education spaces and relaxing home environments.

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Starting price

Single - 750L x 900D x 730H (Seat 370H) - $1,650

Double - 1500L x 900D x 730H (Seat 370H) - $2,800

Corner - 900L x 900D x 730H (Seat 370H) - $2,300


  • Dunlop Enduro ™ foam & dacron body

  • Leather cross stitch

  • Leather handles

  • Industrial zip


Leather cross stitch and handles

  • Black, tan, natural

Industrial zip

  • Black


  • Fabric: Green Nomad, Grey Nomad

  • Black, Navy, Chocolate, Tan, Olive, Sage, Dune

The Quadrant Soft can be upholstered in most commercial grade fabrics. The price of the fabric will determine the price of the sofa